A is for Artist

I confess. I have a weakness for books. Alphabet books included. You know the ones - A is for apple, B is for bat....

This alphabet book would have to be my favourite so far - even pushing aside Lois Elhert's Eating the Alphabet.

Fresh from a visit to our state art gallery where I got to see the visiting Turner collection from the Tate, A is for Artist arrived in the post.

It is an exceptionally beautiful book.  Designed for Tate by renowned photographer and designer Ella Doran, it is inspiring and entertaining for both children and adults. 

A mix of gorgeous photos, graphics, writing and humour, every page is a delight.

R is for recycled, robots, road and rainbow

F is for felt flowers you can feel with your fingers

N is for nest of numbers

U is for umbrella (the rain is the rhyme - It's raining, it's pouring)

There are hidden images and words to find, pages to touch, others to draw on and many more that just make you smile.

Even the end page is so much fun. 

Definitely worth finding a copy.

If you're looking for more alphabet based activities take a look at my Alphabet or Links to Literacy boards on Pinterest.


  1. This looks beautiful :) I love the rainbow picture.

  2. That's one of my favourites too :)
    It is a gorgeous book and I notice the TATE bookshop is still selling them. They currently have a 3for2 offer.


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