A Lesson in Colour Mixing

I'm in another new classroom this term - my life as a contract teacher.  I mention this as a means of explaining why my posts may seem a little random at times.  While I'm still getting to know everyone I thought we'd have some fun with our visual arts lesson.  We began by reading the book 'Mouse Paint' - a text that has been much used throughout the world but not so much here in Australia.  I'm a big fan of incorporating cross-curriculum ideas in lessons.
The students were unfamiliar with the text but were able to predict the outcomes for the last few pages.  It's a book about three white mice who play in primary coloured paint before discovering that they can make new colours by mixing two colours together.
To help reinforce this idea, I had made three batches of playdough -
one blue, one yellow, one red.

Each child was then given a small ball of each colour along with the instruction to make the same colours we had just seen in the book.   I love working with play dough and there are few children that don't enjoy the opportunity for some hands-on play.  It's great for fine motor strengthening too.
So they all set about making their secondary colours (green/orange/purple) from the original colours (blue/yellow/red).

Then out came the paint, and you can probably guess, in just blue, yellow and red - another invitation to explore colour mixing just using a different medium.

They were invited to paint the colours they could see but most then experimented to see what other colours they could make with both the play dough and their paint :)