Invitation to create - the remaining 15 days

Late last year we did The Art Pantry's invitation to create challenge.  You can see our first 15 days here.  If you follow me on Facebook, you would have seen the remaining 15 days but I didn't get around to posting them on the blog until now.

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Day #16 was a simple invitation - the three primary colours, cotton buds and foil to paint/mix on.

Fairy Garden Play

It's hot, really hot here at the moment so we're inside a lot more than we'd maybe like.  While some of the world is caught in a polar vortex, we're sweating out 42C today with more of the same and worse expected for the rest of this week.  Needless to say some people are getting a little edgy so in an effort to placate the youngest member of our family who was having too many 'no-one will play with me' moments that afternoon, I set up this simple invitation to play for her.

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Fairy Garden Play - the perfect small world pretend play invitation for inside play