A Rainbow Butterfly Party

A couple of weeks ago my youngest child turned five.  Five!  Where did that time go?? 
Now we don't do big birthdays every year in our house.  We normally have a big family and friends first birthday, smaller family parties at 2-4yrs, a big fifth birthday then day trips/small family parties or sleepovers for 6-9yrs then a bigger tenth birthday (although my nearly ten year old is still deciding).  

Due to an illness in the family, the big first birthday party we'd planned for our youngest had to be cancelled a couple of days beforehand and she ended up blowing out her candles on a store-bought chocolate cake from Woolies in between visits to hospital and since then, it doesn't much feel like any fuss has been made about her birthday.  So armed with a fair amount of mother guilt, this birthday was going to be different!

Dear Zoo - Play Ideas and Printables For Preschool

Plenty of play ideas and printables for the classic picture book 'Dear Zoo' perfect for preschoolers and kindergarten.

'I wrote to the zoo to send me a pet...' and so begins one of my (and my kids) favourite books. 
Dear Zoo is a must have book in any home library. 

This past week, we've been reading 'Dear Zoo' at preschool as it's a perfect book for early readers in so many ways making it ideal for book based learning in the Early Years.

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Dear Zoo is a perfect choice for book based learning in a Early Years setting. Plenty of play ideas, art activities and printables to engage young children in Early Childhood | you clever monkey

Puppet Play

Today I thought I share some making my own children did recently.  It was totally child-led with little input, if any, from me.

It started with these.

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