How to Play with a Rainbow Stacker 8 Different Ways

Eight different ways to play with a Grimms Wooden Rainbow Stacker toy from  encouraging your child's imaginative play to promoting STEM and early Math skills and building your childs spatial awareness and fine motor skills, you'll be amazed at the many ways you can play with this one toy!

Last week I shared a photo on Instagram of the house my youngest child had made with her wooden stacking rainbow. She often uses the rainbow like this I'm not surprised to see this scene on the lounge room floor but the photo attracted quite a few comments which made me think it was worth sharing some of the different ways we play with our wooden rainbow here on the blog. 

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Eight Different Ways to Play with a Grimms Rainbow Stacker - from creating small worlds for pretend, to challenging your youngest builder and  exploring early Maths and STEM concepts, a Grimms Rainbow Stacker is the perfect toy and a must for any childhood | you clever monkey

DIY Frozen Peg People

It's the winter school holidays for us here in South Australia at the moment and my own children's love of the movie 'Frozen' still shows no signs of abating. I just don't dare share with them that iTunes now has a Frozen karaoke app - even I have my limits.

As far as movies go, I like that it's the love of two sisters not just some prince riding in, that saves the day. It's a rare thing and as mum to three girls, a nice surprise.

So rather than 'Let it go' (sorry) I decided to embrace it instead by making some 'Frozen' figurines of our own. 

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DIY Frozen Peg People - how to make your own Frozen characters for play from simple wooden peg dolls. Step by step instructions to help you create your own | you clever monkey

How To Easily Make Recycled Paper With Preschoolers

Learn how to easily make recycled paper at preschool by hand. 

As part of our sustainability focus at the preschool, we decided to look at how paper is made.  We'd previously involved our families in a 'Beautiful Stuff' project at the school 'Beautiful Stuff' project post. If you missed it, you can read it by clicking here.

It was a simple invitation which provided our children with rich sensory play while they learnt about the process involved in recycling paper.

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Recycling Paper at Preschool - A hands-on look at how paper is made. Perfect way for preschoolers to see (and feel) how paper is recycled into new paper | you clever monkey

Symmetrical Sticker Pictures

The winter school holidays have just started here in South Australia and it's cold and windy outside. Whilst the girls are probably happy to play Minecraft for hours, I am not. Today I set up this simple invitation for them using Ed Emberley's Picture Pie drawing book to create some symmetrical artwork from stickers. It's an invitation that is easy to set up using a printable template to guide them and some cheap colourful stickers. Whilst Picture Pie is a great inspiration, it's not essential to creating your own artwork from stickers.

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Symmetrical sticker pictures - an invitation to make symmetrical pictures from stickers using Ed Emberley's Picture Pie book as inspiration | you clever monkey

Beautiful stuff preschool project

A couple of years ago I secured a copy of the text (affiliate link) Beautiful Stuff!: Learning with Found MaterialsIt follows the journey of a school inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach, as they collect and explore interesting found objects with their class.  After reading the book, I had always wanted to try something similar - to encourage children to view things in many ways inspiring creativity whilst valuing our precious resources.  

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