Liebster Award - ten questions for ten bloggers

I'm a bit late with my homework set by Denise over at Relief Teaching Ideas when she nominated me for a Liebster blogging award.  It turned out finding some favourite blogs with less than 300 followers is harder than first though.  Luckily for me, someone recently nominated my blog for another award - the Kidspot VOICES of 2014 Top Bloggers Award.  

They released their list of all the nominees and suddenly I had lots of new blogs to look at!

So without any further procrastination, here's my list of nominees.  There are some fantastic blogs here, some I have only found recently.  They're inspiring, well written, funny and full of some very clever ideas.  My apologies if some of you have more than the prescribed 300 followers.  It has been hard to tell how many people subscribe to some your blogs.  That and I started this list back in February ;)

Enjoy :) 

Nurtured Learning
Stimulating Learning
Play Based Inquiry
we live. we learn
One Time Through
Say Noodle
And we play
Sorting Sprinkles
Holly's Arts and Crafts
Adventure in a Box

And the ten questions to answer:

What started you blogging?
How did you name your blog?
What book are you reading right now?
What is one of your favourite books and why?
What is your most favourite post? 
Is it also your most viewed?
What's the most delicious meal you have ever eaten? And where were you?
Many of you make your own resources,  which one are you proudest of?
Do you have a favourite art supply?
What do you want to do with your blog?

Thanks for playing along everyone xx

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