BIG Art - 30+ Ideas for BIG Art Projects

I've always been a fan of BIG art for children. What is BIG art?  Well I think for it to qualify as BIG art it has to be fun, large scale (big obviously), is usually collaborative and gets kids moving while making. 

BIG art is also great for mixed age groups working together with the emphasis on the process rather than the eventual product making these invitations ideal for home or school settings.

We've tried many different BIG art projects over the past few years and have rounded them up in this one post.  

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BIG Art - 30+ ideas for different BIG art projects for children to try at home or at school | you clever monkey

Book Week 2014 - Connect to reading

I love the theme for this year's Book Week - Connect to Reading.  For those of you reading this outside of Australia, every year the Children's Book Council of Australia (CBCA) selects, and then votes on, a shortlist of the best Australian children's books from the previous year.  This ranges from Early Childhood (picture books) through to Older Readers.  Each year they pick a theme and schools, good book shops and libraries around Australia spend these next few weeks sharing the books, engaging young readers in the theme with activities in class or through parades, reading times or competitions. Book Week is simply an invitation to spend a week celebrating books.

Book Week 2014 - ideas for teaching reading comprehension strategies using this year's early childhood books.  For more, go to