The Secret to How to Teach Handwriting

A beginner's guide to helping preschoolers to read and write letters correctly using this one simple and easy DIY project.

We know young children learn best through play. Countless studies tell us this but then how do you intentionally teach a skill like handwriting

My secret is so simple you will kick yourself for not thinking of yourself but it's been the most effective tool I've used as an Early Years teacher to help teach pre-writers and readers how to recognise and then read and write letters correctly.

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The Secret to Teaching Handwriting - Use this one simple DIY project  to help pre-writers to distinguish between straight and curved lines to help build their understanding of shape and help establish correct letter and number formation later | you clever monkey

Rainbow Rice I-Spy

A few years ago I made my first batch of coloured rice for play. It was every colour of the rainbow and we have not stopped playing with rice since. I shared some of the ways we play with rice in a guest post over at Building Blocks and Acorns as their Blog of the Week. One idea I hadn't shared was this Rainbow I-Spy game we made with some of our coloured rice from a recycled plastic bottle and some small alphabet beads.

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DIY I Spy - Make your own Rainbow Rice I-Spy game from recycling a water bottle! Perfect for practicising early literacy skills | you clever monkey

Books About Words

The Book with No Pictures by BJ Novak has certainly been responsible for a great number of laugh-out-loud moments these past couple of weeks.  It's a book that is meant to be read aloud and in contrast to the wonderful wordless books I shared, it's story comes from the play on words and words alone. 

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The Book with No Pictures has been added to most people's shopping baskets recently but what other books are about words and how they work to bring meaning to a story?  Visit to read more.