DIY Paper Beads

This Christmas, as with the two years before, there had to be an element of hand-made to some of the gifts we gave and my eight year old desperately wanted to make a gift for her Nanna. Obviously Pinterest is awash with DIY suggestions but instead I handed her a couple of our making books to look through and she found these easy to make paper beads.
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DIY Paper Beads - a tutorial on how to easily make recycled paper beads. Visit

Our Top Ten Posts 2014

As we come to the end of another year and seeing more than 250,000+ people visited this page in 2014, I thought it worth taking a look back at the top ten most viewed posts from this year.

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The top ten most viewed posts from 2014 on

Puffy Paint Gingerbread

In the lead up to Christmas, I took an old favourite and added some Christmas cheer to it. At home I normally make gingerbread houses or people with my own children but that's just not feasible with nearly 60 children over two sessions at preschool so I used the spices typically used in gingerbread to make some puffy paint with instead.  

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Puffy Paint Gingerbread - mix up your own puffy paint and add some Christmas spice to fill the senses.  For more visit

Easy Christmas Sensory Play

How to create some simple Christmas sensory play in preschool to help build language, early STEM skills and encourage imaginative play.

Christmas is nearly here! And it's the end of the school year here in Australia so I created a little of Christmas cheer to invite play in one of our sensory bins at preschool.

Creating opportunities for sensory play is so important in the Early Years as it helps young children develop their early literacy and numeracy skills whilst also valuing the benefits of imaginative play. It can also be valuable way to meet the sensory needs of some children during play.

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Easy Christmas Sensory Play - set up your own easy Christmas sensory rich invitations to play  - perfect for play to help develop language and STEM skills at preschool | you clever monkey

15 Kid Approved Alphabet Books to Enjoy Now

15 kid approved alphabet books (that adults won't hate) young children love to read and explore.

I have already confessed my love of alphabet books. You know the ones - A is for apple, B is for bee, C is for cat... It's a weakness, I know. Admitting is the first step but as given there are so many great alphabet books to choose from I thought it was time I shared a few favourites so I've rounded up my most favourite books for you to explore.

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15 Kid Approved Alphabet Books to Enjoy Now - a collection of the best alphabet picture books young children love to read and share that  parents won't hate | you clever monkey