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Christmas is nearly upon us and I'm feeling very unorganised this year as I still have presents to find and buy for some loved ones. Thankfully it's the end of the school year here in Australia so our days are slowing down and we've been doing some of the things we enjoy about summer in Australia  - eating outside, swimming lessons, building cubby houses under the trees, paddling on the river. Summer here also means long car rides to visit family and friends and days so hot you're inside with the air-conditioning on from early morning which makes me think there's no better time to share some of our favourite just-for-fun apps as there might also be plenty of you out there using iTunes cards as your fallback present idea.

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Toca Boca - we love the Toca Boca apps and have purchased many of them over the past couple of years.  Toca Band and Paint My Wings are ones my five year old keeps returning to and the Toca Hair Salon Me app everyone had fun with as you can add your own image before fixing your hair.

AniMatch- we've had on our iPad since we purchased it. It's just a memory game but with different animal heads that all make their own unique sound. Too funny!

Play School Art Maker - is perfect for preschoolers. You can choose from many different backgrounds, create a collage and take a picture or now even create your own movie by moving the characters and recording your voice. If you just want to create your own puppet show, Puppet Pals HD is great too but spend the extra as it allows you to take and use your own photos and I'm sure mine aren't the only kids who enjoy using familiar faces in their stories.

Squiggles - another app loved by my then-preschooler. There are different prompts to follow on each page like adding squiggly lines as wool for the sheep or fairyfloss missing from sticks. Press go and your drawings become animated.  Draw A Stickman and Draw A Stickman: Episode 2 offers the same opportunity for children to contribute to the storyline. Lots of fun.

Dots - one minute to connect as many of the same coloured dots as possible. As addictive as Tetris was, I had the highest score my partner could not beat for weeks as much as he tried.

UNO - 
perfect alternative to trying to juggle the playing card version when your hands are still small or you're stuck somewhere unplanned with just an iPad but three children.

Minecraft - this one is an obvious inclusion.  If your children aren't already playing it, you can guess their friends certainly are.  All three of mine will play hide and seek in the same world whilst sharing the same backseat of my car.

Monument Valley - is just stunning.  It's has ten different chapters of twisting, turning paths Ida needs to travel to complete each level.

Unblock Me FREE - is another beautifully designed game in which you need to slide different sized blocks out of the path of one block you are trying to move from one side of your screen to the other. With so many different puzzles to solve from beginner to expert, you will not run out of challenges.

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