Literacy Centre Ideas

Even more literacy centre ideas to try in your classroom to help your students learn how to rhyme, recognise syllables, initial letter sounds, high frequency sight words and read  and spell CVC words.

This year I'm back in the classroom after working in preschool and literacy centres are part of our weekly timetable once again. 

A couple of years ago I did a round-up of some of the literacy-based activities I was using during our work stations and thought it time to share some of the resources I'm now using with my current class who are aged between 4-6 years.

In the first term at school we focused a lot on rhyme, syllables, initial letter sounds and name recognition/writing along with co-operative play and developing vocabulary. Later in the term we started to look at beginning sounds, short CVC words (consonant-vowel-consonant) and sight words.

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Literacy Center Ideas for Kindergarten and Preschool - Sharing more literacy center ideas to try in your classroom! Perfect for 4-7 year olds as they learn to read and write, recognise rhyme, syllables, beginning letter sounds | you clever monkey

Teaching 2D Shapes - Away We Go!

In class we're been exploring 2D shapes. Frequent readers here will know how much I love incorporating good picture books into classroom activities so today I'm sharing one such activity. I first saw the book Away We Go!: A Shape and Seek Book(affiliate link) at a book fair and immediately saw a matching book-based activity perfect for young children. 

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Explore 2D shapes using this book-based activity from the picture book 'Away We Go!' Perfect mix of maths and art for preschool and elementary grades. See more at

Make Your Own Art Space + The New Playroom

A couple of summers ago we took part in The Art Pantry's 30 Day Invitation to Create Challenge. You can see all of our invitations here and here. So it was much excitement that I saw that Megan from The Art Pantry was going to be sharing her tips for setting an art space for kids in a new ebook!

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Use 'The New Playroom' to help inspire, design, plan and make your own inviting art space at home for your children! Get your copy now! Visit

Circle Line Art - exploring shape through art

We've been exploring 2D shapes in class these past few weeks and I love being able to do cross-curricula activities. How else do we fit everything in the curriculum into a school day? For this reason you'll often see us painting during English or making boomerangs in Science or trying to make the tallest box tower in Maths. Last week brought together a few different concepts we'd been looking at into one art project - our circle line art

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Circle Line Art - exploring different lines and 2D shape in one easy art project. Visit for more