Making Patterns in Preschool

Patterns are all around us. There are many ways to introduce patterns to young children but key to teaching this basic maths principal is to help preschoolers firstly become aware of the patterns around them. Follow this growing recognition of patterns with opportunities for them to extend and create their own patterns and mathematical thinking using fun and engaging activities. Today I'm sharing some of our exploration of pattern in class.

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Making patterns in preschool | youclevermonkey

What To Do With An Idea? Encouraging Creativity in Our Children

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As a parent, there is much I want for my three children. I want them to be healthy. I want them to be kind and thoughtful of others as well as look after themselves. I want them to persevere when things are hard and show resilience when things don't go their way. I want them to love and be loved. I want them to be creative, to always be able to look at something and see all the possibilities it holds. To me, teaching them this will be my greatest gift and challenge.

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How to encourage creativity in our children | youclevermonkey

How to Create a Print Rich Environment

One teacher's tips on why you should create a print rich environment in your Early Years classroom and how to achieve this.

As teachers we know children gain early literacy skills by interacting with the world around them. We know that play is an important part of this development in the early years of a child's life. By c
reating an environment rich in print we help children understand that symbols help us communicate with each other. That print is of importance, that it carries meaning others can understand. 

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How to Create a Print Rich Environment - why and how to create a print rich setting in your classroom or homeschool. Use these FREE beautiful photo fruit and vegetable printable cards to get started creating your own print rich class | you clever monkey

Teaching Even and Odd Numbers

How to teach young children odd and even numbers the easiest way using simple materials found at home or in the classroom.

Some maths concepts are hard to teach and even harder for young children to 'get'. Teaching children odd and even numbers can be tricky but it needn't be. This is the easiest way I know to teach young children odd and even numbers. It's so easy, I taught my six year old after dinner one night using this approach. It's a great way to introduce the concept of odd and even numbers in early childhood.

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How to teach children odd and even numbers the easiest way - the secret to how to teach odd and even numbers to young children | you clever monkey