Easy Christmas Art - Faux Stained Glass

Looking for an easy art project to try this Christmas? This STEAM Christmas art activity is perfect for children of any age to try and only uses a few materials you have at home already!

With Christmas nearly upon us, it can be tricky getting everything done. Working full time, my house is not a pretty sight with a serious cleanup required before any tree putting up can be done. In order to keep the kids busy while I washed the floors, I created this easy Christmas activity for them to do. Perfect for children of mixed ages, you don't need many materials at all to recreate this beautiful fake stained glass art. 

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Easy Christmas Art - Faux Stained Glass. The perfect Christmas activity for children of mixed ages at home or in the classroom | you clever monkey

I Spy Sensory Play

Help develop maths rich language in your Early Years classroom by creating a game of I Spy in your sensory tub for play!

Who doesn't love to play? And we know how important it is in Early Childhood especially.

Play can be purposeful and it can be used to help develop subject specific language in preschoolers with just a bit of thought and careful planning. 

Many children start school being unfamiliar with some of the tools we use in our classrooms. 

This can be particularly true of math but how to create a rich math experience during sensory play? With this I Spy sensory tub!

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I Spy Sensory Tub Play - how to make your own I Spy Sensory tub for play. Use our FREE I Spy cards to help build maths rich vocabulary during play | you clever monkey

Teaching Prepositions

Classroom ideas and resources including perfect picture books and ready to print drawing prompts for teaching prepositions in the Early Years.

Teaching prepositions to young children can be so much fun and is important work in early childhood. 


Prepositions are words that tell us where something is. Children need to understand these words so they can carry out instructions independently but prepositions can be a difficult concept for a child to learn. 


Think for a moment about how we use prepositions to describe the location of something but how this can vary from person to person. While we ride 'on' a bike and 'in' a car, do we fly 'in' or 'on' a plane somewhere? 

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Teaching Prepositions in Class - ideas and printable resources for teaching prepositions to young children | you clever monkey