Prepositions and Picture Books #3

Ten more picture books perfect for teaching young children prepositions helping to develop their spatial skills in early childhood.

Early childhood is a key time in a child's development when picture books which support the development of children's spatial skills should be read and reread.
 Finding picture books rich in prepositions is easy but finding books that children will enjoy and return to again and again is a little harder although I now have three book lists to refer to. 
Prepositions are an important part of speech and picture books are important tool to developing a child's language and help form powerful building blocks to their spatial reasoning and understanding. There are a great number of books that overuse prepositions making them perfect reads in a child's early years.

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Prepositions and Picture Books - a great booklist perfect for teaching spatial concepts and developing parts of speech in young children | you clever monkey

How to Prompt Block Play and Challenge Your Child

Use our FREE printable block play challenge cards to encourage and extend the construction play in your setting, bring STEAM to your block play in the classroom or home.

Playing with blocks is a childhood rite of passage. 

We've all played with blocks and some of lucky enough to work with young children, are still playing because we know how important block play is to developing early spatial intelligence such as problem solving, spatial awareness and reasoning skills as well as building fine motor skills and co-ordination. 

Building with blocks at preschool and you also have opportunities for imaginative, co-operative play to help develop social skills and language laden with early maths concepts. 

And one of the best bits, you get to knock it down at the end!

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Block Play Challenge Cards - use these FREE printable challenge cards with your wooden blocks to encourage and extend your child's play. Perfect for encouraging young children to find new ways to play with their blocks | you clever monkey

DIY Marble Run

We love to make stuff. And we also love marbles. Those two came together to see us create our own wooden marble run for play. This DIY project has proved just as popular at home and in the classroom. They are irresistible to both children and adults alike. Just like our handmade mini magnetic blocks, these homemade marble runs were cheap and easy to make from only a few materials. 

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DIY Marble Run - make your own wooden marble run! Irresistible to children and adults alike | you clever monkey