12 Fun Ways to Play With Kinetic Sand Your Kids Will Love

Kinetic sand is one of the best sensory-rich materials to encourage play and we've collect 12 of the best ways to play with kinetic sand your children will find hard to resist. 

As soon as we opened the box, kinetic sand quickly became one of our favourite sensory rich materials for play.

It made our list of favourite non-food items for sensory play back in 2014. 

It truly is amazing stuff and so versatile! Recently we found a new way to play with our kinetic sand.

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12 Fun Ways to Play with Kinetic Sand - 12 different ways to play with Kinetic Sand that your children will love | you clever monkey

My Must Have Item

Sharing my must have, best resource ever for any classroom teacher plus grab our FREE printable sheet 'Make The Rhyme'.

The start of every new school year is always accompanied by a pile of printing. As soon as a classroom teacher has their class list, the printing starts - locker labels, desk mats, wall displays, welcome notes, class newsletters, student name tags for everything! The list can seem endless especially if it's your first time setting up a classroom but this year I've found something that is going to save you time and money!

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My Must Have Item - sharing my must have item for this year at school from a classroom teacher plus free Make a Rhyme printable | you clever monkey

Fairy Garden Play

We love our small world or imaginative play here and my children have enjoyed many hours this way. But it's summer time here in Australia and they have spent more time inside than out so during one break in the hot weather I created a simple fairy garden invitation to play in a shady spot outside for them.

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Fairy Garden Play - create this simple invitation for fairies and their friends to come and play at your house! Easy to set up, easy to change and then change again! Kid approved | you clever monkey

Initial Sounds Match Cards

Ready to print, these initial sounds match cards are ideal for preschoolers and primary aged children learning their beginning letters sounds.

Literacy work stations or centres have been a constant in my classroom timetable over the past few years. 

Why? Literacy centers are the perfect way to help reinforce early literacy concepts taught previously during class time in a fun and playful way. And because they are often game based, they help engage every learner and make differentiation easier to achieve in a busy classroom. 

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Printable Initial Sounds Match Cards - ready to print these cards are perfect for children learning the beginning letter sounds in words. Great activity for Word Work or literacy centre stations | you clever monkey

What Am I? Playing Charades

Ready to print charade cards with easy to read pictures and words - perfect for the Early Years classroom!

Young children love games and we all know how much better they learn when playing and engaged in an activity.

Years ago I made some easy to read charade cards to use as a literacy centre activity but more often I have used them as a whole class activity. 

It's a quick and easy time filling game, perfect for when you find yourself with 5-10 minutes to spare in a classroom.

Photo Charade Cards - ready to print for use as a whole class game or a literacy centre activity | you clever monkey

Lego People Challenge

Create this simple LEGO fine motor invitation at school to help build visual discrimination skills and provide a calm-down space in your classroom! 

It's the start of a new school year here in Australia which means a new school and a new class for me. 

Two classrooms in fact which means even more space to set up invitations for play! 

Not knowing the children yet, I've create some simple prompts for play to get us started including this simple LEGO people challenge - a great one for developing fine motor control and strength, build problem solving and decision making skills in young children in a playful way.

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LEGO People Challenge - an easy to create invitation to play perfect for developing problem solving and decision making skills along with fine motor control and strength in young children | you clever monkey