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The start of every new school year is always accompanied by a pile of printing. As soon as a classroom teacher has their class list, the printing starts - locker labels, desk mats, wall displays, welcome notes, class newsletters, student name tags for everything! The list can seem endless especially if it's your first time setting up a classroom but this year I've found something that is going to save you time and money!

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My Must Have Item - sharing my must have item for this year at school from a classroom teacher plus free Make a Rhyme printable | you clever monkey

With my list of jobs in hand getting ready to head back to school also meant making sure we had enough ink for the printer. Yes, I know I could do my printing at school but with a young family of my own, I like to come home after school and spend some time with them before starting work again once they are in bed (sound familiar anyone?). But with replacement inks for my printer now costing $23-25 each for 6 different ink cartridges that always seem to run out when I most needed to print something for the following day, I decided I shop around to see what else was on offer and I'm so glad I did!

Instead of spending another $100+ on ink, I now have a new Epson ET-2550 Printer/Scanner at home and a few weeks into the school year, I'm so impressed with it I'm already talking to my school about purchasing one for the classroom too. 

Why? The Epson printer comes with ink tanks rather than cartridges and according to the box it came in, it includes 2 years worth of ink. Two years! Or 4,000 pages in black or 6,500 pages in colour. No more running out of ink here for a while!

The other feature that sold me was that I can now print straight from any device - desktop, iPad, laptop, phone. No more time wasted having to save files and photos to the desktop in order to print. I just had to load the software to the computers and for the iPad and my phone, I just had to add the Epson app. It was so easy - my less-than-tech-savy partner had set it up and printed something before I had. You can also scan and save documents straight to the cloud.

With many more schools using iPads in their classrooms, I think the new Epson range will be the answer for many sites who are using new technology but with no means to print from these devices. The Epson EcoTank printers allow users the freedom to print from anywhere solving this problem. The generous ink tanks also address the other problem for schools - the ongoing cost of replacement ink with refill bottles costing AU$17. You can check out the other printers in their range here

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My Must Have Item - sharing my must have item for this year at school from a classroom teacher plus free Make a Rhyme printable | you clever monkey
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US $10

Please note I was gifted the Epson printer for the purpose of this review 
but the opinions shared in this post remain my own.