Best Books for Big Emotions

Sharing the best books for helping young children learn about their emotions and how to manage them through self regulation.

As adults we understand that our days can be filled with many different emotions but children are still learning about their feelings and it is important for parents and teachers alike to help young children understand and communicate their feelings. It's true that some children's emotional intelligence develops more easily than others but how do we best support those having difficulty in this area? Books are always a great place to start.

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Best Books for Big Emotions - the best picture books to use with young children to help them understand their feelings and start regulating them | you clever monkey

Easter Eggs and Kinetic Sand

Combine Easter eggs and kinetic sand to create a unique invitation to play and learn about 3D shapes during play!

Looking for a simple Easter invitation to play? 

This activity was easy to set up and provided hours of sensory rich play for the preschool children I get to hang out with. 

The best part about invitations such as this one, is that you can never predict where the play will lead you or what you might learn. 

Even I was surprised with what we learnt about 3D shapes during our play!

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Easter Eggs and Kinetic Sand - create this simple sensory rich invitation to play and be amazed at the opportunity it creates to learn about 3D shapes during play | you clever monkey

Alphabet Car Parking Mats

Our FREE printable alphabet car park mats are a fun and engaging way to get car loving kids learning their letters!

Anyone else have car crazy students in their class this year? 

With them in mind, I've created these car parking mats as a literacy centre activity for my class but they've been just as popular at home! 

With all the letters of the alphabet in both lower case and upper case, these play mats invite young children to match the letters on the car to those in the car park. 

Printable Alphabet Car Parking Mats - simply print and add cars to these car parking mats with both lower and upper case letters for matching. Perfect literacy centre activity for 4-7 year olds | you clever monkey

Inspiring Literacy Centre Ideas

Looking for more literacy station activities? Ideas for Daily 5 Word Work? Teaching inspiration for developing early literacy skills in our kids? Look no further!

Literacy centers or literacy centres (because I'm Australian) are a fun and engaging way to practice early literacy ideas intentionally taught during class but it can be a struggle to find new and inspiring ways to practice these concepts in purposeful, engaging small group activities.

Our literacy stations always incorporate some key focus areas - rhyme, beginning letter sounds, CVC words, letter recognition, handwriting, sight words and developing vocabulary making them ideal for Daily 5 stations too. As always, the activities often have other physical or social skills built in to them as well such as fine motor strengthening and learning to play cooperatively. You can find our other literacy center posts herehere and here

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Literacy Centre Ideas - activities and printables perfect for use with 5-7 year old children to help develop their early literacy skills | you clever monkey