20 Must Follow Instagram Accounts

There are so many different forms of social media now - Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Flipboard, Instagram, Pinterest... the list goes on and on but my absolute favourite place to find inspiration for my work in the classroom and ouplay at home would come from Instagram. It's full of amazingly creative people who are generously sharing their ideas with the rest of the world. Today I'm sharing 20 of my favourite Instagram accounts that you will want to follow if you are an educator or parent of young children.

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20 Must Follow Instagram Accounts - 20 inspiring Instagram accounts every Early Years educator or parents of young children should follow | you clever monkey

Twinkl Resources

As a classroom teacher I'm always on the hunt for quality resources to use. I do make a lot of my own resources for class but last year I wanted to make a wall display and came across Twinkl Resources a website with a huge range of teacher created materials ready to use and couldn't have been happier with my find!

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Twinkl Resources - making and creating teaching resources made easy for the classroom teacher or stay at home parent | you clever monkey

Learning Letters with LEGO

My class this term loves any activities that include building particularly with our Duplo and Lego blocks. Following this lead by the children, we've been using our blocks to help learn about letters and we found five different ways to use them in our literacy centre activities in our Early Years classroom. 

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Learning Letters with Lego - 5 different ideas for learning letters - upper and lower case, alphabetical order, letter formation and sight words in the Early Years through hands on play. Perfect learning activities for preschoolers at home and in the classroom | you clever monkey

Printable Digraph Bingo Game for /ck/ Sound

Make learning digraphs in class fun with games like these printable BINGO cards that focus on the letter sound /ck/.

My class of five and six year olds love to play games. 

While the transition from preschool to school involves many changes and adjustments for both children and their parents, the playful learning need not stop. 

Knowing how much my students enjoy playing games during class I've been trying to incorporate more of this type of play in our intentional learning time and in our literacy centres

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Printable Digraph Sound Bingo Game - ck words. A classroom set of ready to print BINGO cards focusing on words with the digraph /ck/ | you clever monkey

Teaching Verbs

During our grammar lessons in class we've been looking at verbs. Personally I find them one of the easiest parts of speech to teach to young children because they are types of words children can relate to. What five and six year old doesn't like to move?

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Teaching Verbs - ideas for teaching parts of speech to preschoolers in hands on ways they will understand | you clever monkey

ABCs and 123s eBook - Ideas for Learning

Kids learn through play. They learn best when they are engaged and that usually means they're having fun! Frequent readers here will know how much I value hands-on play based learning activities for young children so you can imagine how thrilled I was to be invited to contribute an idea in a new ebook with a group of other play based bloggers! The book is called ABCs and 123s and focuses on building early literacy and maths skills through play in early childhood. 

ABCs and 123s eBook - 40+ hands-on play ideas that help young children build their letter and math skills with simple, multi-sensory invitations to play | you clever monkey


A quick guide explaining what digraphs are along with plenty of ideas and printable resources for teaching digraphs in the first years at school.

Teaching phonics you are introduced to terms you probably haven't heard before and as a parent trying to support your child at home, the whole thing can just be confusing. 

Phonograms, digraphs, graphemes, blends, morphemes, trigraphs, dipthongs...

What are digraphs? Aren't they just blends? How are blends different? In this post, we try to explain the what digraphs are and provide you with some teaching ideas and resources to help teach them to young children.
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What are Digraphs and How to Teach Them - find out what digraphs are and grab some ready to print resources for teaching consonant and vowel digraphs -activities for the classroom or homeschool. Teaching ideas for use included for each activity. Great for Daily 5 Word Work or literacy centres | you clever monkey

Great Read Aloud Picture Books

A list of 30+ hilarious kid approved read aloud picture books you must read aloud in your classroom or to your child at home.

Today I sat and was read to by my youngest child. 

At seven she has learnt how reading aloud is a different skill than reading to herself but it did make me stop and think about the difference the right book can make to this, how not all picture books are perfect for reading aloud

As a classroom teacher I know how important, yet sometimes difficult, it is to choose a good read aloud book. To make this job easy, I've put together a list of the best read aloud picture books for home or the early years classroom.

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A collection of 30+ great read aloud picture books for early childhood. Perfect for the classroom or reading at home to your preschooler | you clever monkey