30 Riotous Rhyming Books That Your Child Will Love

Perfect for reading at home together or in the classroom, here's more than 30 riotous rhyming books your children will love to read and listen too.

As parents we might guess that hearing rhyme is important to our children. 

We all learnt the same nursery rhymes our kids know now. 

Many picture books are full of rhyming words from the classics we read as children ourselves on our parent's laps to this year's newest releases that we might share with our children. 

We sang lots of the same school yard chants we hear our kids singing with their friends at lunchtime in the yard. 

And when you think about some of these, not all of them make a lot of sense as an adult  - Hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle, The cow jumps over the moon, The little dog laughed to see such fun and the dish ran away with the spoon! What?!?

They are silly and they make kids laugh as they imagine a cow jumping over the moon. 

They are important because they rhyme! And rhyming should be fun! 

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30 Riotous Rhyming Books That Your Child Will Love - more than 30 picture books titles recommended by an Early Years teacher that are  full of rhyming words your children will love to read and listen to. Perfect for reading together at home or reading aloud in the classroom | you clever monkey

Say It, Make It, Write It Mats - How to Use Them Six Different Ways

Showing busy teachers how to use this FREE ready to print word work mat six different ways in your math and literacy centers in an Early Years classroom.

Teachers are busy people. I'm a teacher so I get it.

We all like to find resources for our classrooms that are useful and engaging and but are also easy to prep, set up and store when not in use. 

Our 'Say It, Make It, Write It' word mats are one such resource.

Originally created to help my students practice their sight words during our literacy centre activities but like many of our printables, they can easily be used different ways making them an ideal resource for both the Early Years classroom and word work at home.

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Say It, Make It, Write It Free Printable Mats - How to Use Them Six Different Ways. Find out how to use this one free printable resource in your classroom 6 ways! Perfect for literacy centers, literacy work stations, sight word practice or even your maths centers | you clever monkey


A ready to print, just add some wooden patterns blocks to begin using the Christmas challenge cards with a 2D shape focus.

One of our most popular printables would have to be our 2D shape challenge cards. Everyone loves pattern blocks and no classroom seems to be without a set. Many of you have written to tell us that our printable challenge cards have been the perfect addition. You've loved using them in your classrooms and how easy they make differentiation. 

With Christmas only a short time away I've created some Christmas themed challenge cards to add to our pattern blocks.

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Christmas Pattern Block Challenge Cards - ready to print Christmas themed challenge cards to add to pattern blocks. Perfect for math centers, these cards are designed for use by beginning readers have a 2D shape focus as well | you clever monkey

How To Teach 2D Shape to Preschoolers

A simple way to help young children learn about 2D shapes and their properties through hands-on play. 

Years ago I found a way to help preschoolers with their handwriting with one simple DIY project that can be ready in less than 20 minutes. The same tool I used to teach young children handwriting can also be used to teach them about 2D shape.

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How to Teach 2D Shape to Preschoolers - one simple DIY project that you can create in less than 20 minutes is the perfect hands on teaching resource for helping young children learn about 2D shapes and their properties | you clever monkey

Ultimate List of Word Work Ideas

Looking for more literacy work station inspiration and ideas for Daily 5 Word Work? 

Literacy centres or literacy centers (if you live in other parts of the world) are a fun and engaging way to have young children practice those early literacy concepts intentionally taught during class in small group settings.

You can see I've been creating literacy work stations in my classroom for the past few years. Every six months we share our latest literacy centers here on the blog. 

You can see our other posts herehere and here

Our literacy centres always incorporates some key focus areas - syllables, rhyme, beginning letter sounds, CVC words, letter recognition, sight words and developing vocabulary. They often have other skills (fine motor, co-operative or physical) built in to them as well.

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The Ultimate List of Literacy Center Activities - plenty of literacy work station and Daily 5 Word Work ideas and inspiration for the classroom  for developing phonological awareness, rhyme, syllables, initial sound knowledge and word work. Perfect for young children aged 5-8 years | you clever monkey

Stop Motion Video Making with Kids

How to make a stop-go motion video with your child to create some lasting memories together.

It's school holidays here and we've been having some fun exploring some new apps on the iPad. My youngest has been alternating between building secret rooms in Minecraft and learning Mandarin while the eldest has been teaching herself French but arguably, my 10 year old and I have had more fun creating short stop-go motion video together using the app Stop Motion. Remember our handmade mix and match rock people? Well they just became the 'rock' stars in our movie.

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Stop Motion Video Making with Kids - how to create your own stop-go motion video using this app. Perfect project for young children to try | you clever monkey

Rhyming Word Peg Cards

Looking for more literacy center ideas? These ready to print rhyming clip cards are a fantastic addition to your literacy work stations in class.

Recently I wrote how important developing phonemic awareness was in Early Childhood. It is key to learning how to both read and spell and, then subsequently, write. By preschool age, one of the components of phonemic awareness is being able to identify rhyme. As teachers, we try to create as many opportunities for the children in our classroom to hear rhyme so as to help them understand the concept. We immerse them with good books that rhyme in class, we play fun games with rhyming words and we use different resources in our literacy stations to help young children build their understanding of rhyme. 
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Rhyming Word Cards - ready to print, these beautifully made rhyming word cards are the perfect addition to your literacy centers or Daily 5 Word Work | you clever monkey