How to Bring STEM To Your English Lesson

Bring coding to your literacy centers at school, adding STEM to your English lesson in a fun hands-on way using fairy tales.

With a crowded curriculum no matter where in the world you teach, we're always looking for smart ways to integrate different learning areas to improve student outcomes.

Using fairy tales in the Early Years is one of my favourite ways to teach many aspects of literacy and they overlap beautifully into other areas of the curriculum like Maths, Art, Design and Technology too.

Recently in class, we've been using the text 'The Gingerbread Man' which is a perfect fit for sequencing and writing recounts and also lends itself well to introducing coding in the Early Years.
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How to bring STEM to your English Lesson in the Early Years - introduce coding in kindergarten during play. FREE printable coding cards to download | you clever monkey


Help your students 'crack the spelling code' and learn how to spell by focusing on word families or CVC words once they can recognise and distinguish between letter sounds.

Once a child has a firm grasp on letters and the sounds they make, teaching them how to use that phonemic knowledge to read and spell comes next.

We are not born understanding language but most young children develop an understanding of spoken language well before preschool. Learning how written language works takes far longer and requires more explicit teaching but is still strongly tied to a child's ability to process oral language.

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How To Help Children Learn To Spell - teaching ideas and printables help your child learn how to spell by starting with CVC words | you clever monkey

Valentines Pattern Block Challenge Cards

Free and ready to print, just add some wooden patterns blocks to begin using these Valentines Day STEAM challenge cards which combine maths and art in one kid friendly project.

A few years ago I created our pattern block challenge cards for class and my students loved them! Block play is a favourite activity in class but I wanted to extend the type of play I was seeing while creating an opportunity for children to read independently and problem solve too. With that in mind, I created some different sets of printable challenge cards to go with our pattern blocks.

And many of you love them for the higher thinking they bring to your maths centers while also making differentiation easier across busy classrooms. 

Two things definitely on the wish list of any teacher.

Our challenge cards are the perfect addition to pattern blocks which are irresistible to young children and adults alike. Just add them to your maths centres or small group work to help engage. 
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Free Valentines Days STEAM Pattern Block Challenge Cards - ready to print and use in your Early Years classroom | you clever monkey