How To Help With B and D Letter Confusion

Grab these free printable cards to add your literacy centres to help children confusing their b and d letters.

Letter confusion or reversals particularly of tricky letters like b and d are common in early childhood classroom as children are first learning to read and write.

There are plenty of 'tricks' to help children learn how to differentiate between the letters b and d. 

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How To Fix b + d Letter Reversals - use these FREE printable cards to practice differentiating between the letter b and d | you clever monkey

Simple Maths Games To Play Together

Free printable games to play together with children to improve their maths skills.

There are so many simple hands-on games to play to improve your children's understanding of beginning math concepts. Perfect for learning at school or at home, these printable games need only one or two resources to play but will improve a young child's understanding of number.

With just some pencils, dice, blocks, you can be ready to play!

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Simple Maths Games To Play Together - grab these FREE printable games to play at school or at home to improve young children's maths skills | you clever monkey

How To Cleverly Teach Children Upper Case Letters

Make learning uppercase letters easier for young children at school by using these printable cards with visual supports.

Over the years spent teaching in school, I've seen many children struggle with recognising upper case or capital letters. 

This is not unusual and is quite common in Early Childhood as we do (and should) focus on introducing lower case letters and the sounds they make when first teaching young children phonics.

Upper case letters also need to be taught. Learning to recognise capital letters is difficult for a lot of children but we've found a clever way to help children connect their existing letter knowledge to this new concept.

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Matching Uppercase And Lowercase Letters - these clever printable cards offer young children useful support when first learning uppercase letters | you clever monkey

10 Fun Ways to Learn How Colours Are Made

10 fun hands-on ways to mix colours for young children to try at school or home to learn how new colours are made. 

Learning how new colours are made from others is one of the first sciences young children will experience in early childhood. 

Watching that moment of awe on a young child's face as two colours mix to create a brand new colour never gets old. 

And creating such invitations to explore and make new colours can easily be done in class or at home.

We've collected 10 of our favourite but simple ways to mix colours for you to try.

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10 Fun Ways to Learn How to Colours Are Made - simple hands-on way to teach children how to make secondary colors | you clever monkey