Upper and Lowercase Picture Match Cards

Work on learning your uppercase, lowercase letters and initial sound with one simple FREE printable card game. With four different ways to play, these cards are perfect for literacy centres!

With many of my students still not confidently identifying their capital or uppercase letters, we've included several activities to our literacy centre rotations recently to help them learn this concept.

They love playing games together and many of our literacy centre activities have an element of play included so I was thrilled when one of my students came up with this simple memory game for learning our upper and lower case letters. 

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FREE Upper + Lowercase Letter Initial Sound Match Cards | you clever monkey

Teaching Reading Comprehension Strategies - Visualising

Teach your whole class the reading comprehension strategy of visualising with these fun and engaging teaching ideas and printables!

Having listened to many children read as a classroom teacher, they can be fluent readers yet not understand nor be able to tell you anything about what they've just read. Explicitly teaching reading comprehension strategies can help young children develop an awareness of the tools they can utilise as readers to improve their understanding of different texts.

As an Early Years teacher, I've always found the strategy - visualising, one of the easiest to teach. Most young children are already using this comprehension strategy as they read, we're just making them aware of what they are doing, labeling it and allowing them to practice it in an intentional way. 

I've designed two different hands-on visualising activities that can be used for a whole class to introduce or reinforce the reading comprehension strategy.

Teaching Reading Comprehension Strategies - Visualising. Printables and whole class teaching ideas | you clever monkey

Stunning Earth Day Art Project to Make

Perfect for Early Years classrooms, our stunning Earth Day artwork combines three simple art techniques to create these striking paintings inspired by Jack Johnson song.

Working with young children, you are constantly reminded how optimistic and certain they can be of things that matter. Often, they show more respect for each other and our world than many adults do.

Earth Day presents the perfect opportunity for young children to focus and promote the importance our environment plays to all of us, children and adults alike, both locally and globally.

Inspired by the hauntingly beautiful song 'Two Hands' by Jack Johnson, this Earth Day art project takes three simple process art activities many preschoolers have done before and combines them to create one stunning artwork.

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Stunning Earth Day Art Work to Make - combine three simple art techniques to create this stunning art project. Perfect for preschoolers and older children | you clever monkey