Ready to print Say It, Read It, Make It, Write It word mats to practice our reading, spelling and writing of CVC words.

In the schools, teachers are always collecting and analysing data to better inform our planning and teaching.

This past week, the running records we complete regularly for reading revealed many students in my class are guessing at words when reading rather than reading through the word.

Having such information is always helpful when looking at what to focus on in our literacy centres

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CVC Say It, Read It, Make It, Write It Word Mats | you clever monkey


These printable wall posters with full colour, real life photos offer ideal support for children starting to learn the 32 different digraphs.

As an Early Years teacher, I know how valuable visual supports can be in a classroom. 

We use visual timetables to help establish independence in young children and helps some individuals better prepare and cope with transitions. 

We immerse our students in print rich environments to help our children's developing understanding of letters and other symbols as a means of communication with others.

As a classroom teacher, I also know that some concepts are much harder for our children to grasp than others.

Learning digraphs - when two letters work together to make one sound, is a difficult jump for young children to make when learning to read and write.

To support the children in my class, I've created these digraph posters to help them learn some of the digraphs.

Printable Digraph Wall Posters - 32 full colour posters using real life photos to help learn all the digraphs | you clever monkey

50 of the Best Ways to Use Craft Sticks for Learning

50 of the best ways to use craft sticks for learning - numbers, letters, words, counting, and so much more! 

Craft sticks would have to one of my most favourite materials to use for creating learning activities for school from. 

Along with my other favourites stones and cardboard, craft or popsicle sticks are cheap, easy to source and simple to store and yet you can create plenty of hands on resources from them for class or for home. 

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50 Best Ways To Use Craft Sticks For Learning in Early Childhood | you clever monkey