Learning To Rhyme - Developing Phonological Awareness

Useful teaching ideas and resources to help teach young children hear and produce rhyme from preschool and beyond.

So exactly how important is learning to rhyme?

We know that the ability to hear and produce rhyme is predictive of a child's later reading success but being able to rhyme alone is not enough as young children also need other skills to help the become skilled readers and writers later. 

We know there is continuum for when these skills develop in a child's early years.

So how as parents and teachers should we best support the development of these crucial literacy skills?

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Learning To Rhyme - one step to developing phonological awareness. Teaching ideas and resources to help young children hear and produce rhyme from preschool and beyond | you clever monkey

How To Make Learning Ordinal Numbers Fun

Make learning to read ordinal numbers hands-on fun with these printable ordinal number fly swat card game!

There are many concepts in maths for young children to learning in their Early Years.

Ordinal numbers are used to show the position of an object. Unlike prepositions which might be used to direct - under, over, behind, ordinal numbers are used to order - first, second, third.  

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Making Learning Ordinal Numbers Fun - print out these ordinal number fly swat game cards to practice reading ordinal numbers | you clever monkey
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