Why I Use Printables In My Early Years Classroom

It's no great surprise my Kindergarten class loves playing games. 

Why wouldn't they? They're only 5,6 and sometimes 7, years old. 

They are meant to play. They are built for play! 

Sometimes we seem to forget that with a crowded curriculum to teach, days that seem too short and special events like Book Week and Grandparents Day that eat away into our teaching time. 

But like everything, there's always division. Two camps usually pitted against each other. We see with working mums v stay at home mums, public school v private schools, play-based v worksheets.

So how do we best teach our children all that they need to know?

Using Printables Not Worksheets in an Early Years Classroom - why I use printables to help support learning | you clever monkey

2D Shape + 3D Object BINGO Game

This printable BINGO game with colourful, clean images of 2D shapes and 3D objects is sure to be a hit with any class!

Working as an Early Years teacher, I know I sometimes need to find new ways to teach and re-teach then teach again some of the same concepts.

Some and the associated language take longer than others to learn.

2D Shape and 3D objects use a very specific language which can take some children longer to grasp and remember as they are not terms we use often in our every day speech.

'Can you throw me the sphere?'
'No. How about the ball?'

Our children need many more teaching moments to make those connections.

2D Shape + 3D Object Printable BINGO Game | you clever monkey
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