This collection of more than 50 different delightful Christmas tree activities and crafts is sure to fill your holidays with joy.

When I was little, my most favourite thing about the holiday season was putting up our Christmas tree.

It was nothing grand. It was small, made of a metal frame with branches wrapped in plastic tinsel that you folded down to form the tree. It stood wobbly in a handmade base my mum had made years ago. With not much extra money to spend on anything growing up, we had that same tree from before I can remember to after I left home.

As a teenager, it somehow fell to me to put up the Christmas decorations. Looking back now I'm not sure if it was by want or need, but Christmas represented a magic that was often missing from my childhood.

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50+ Christmas Tree Crafts To Make This Christmas | you clever monkey


Plenty of printable activities to add to literacy rotations to help 
teach CVCe words - those tricky to spell words with a final silent 'e'.

Many young children will fly along with their spelling until they reach those tricky long vowel sound word - the ones with a final silent 'e' then they can stumble.

Often they will be able to read them before they can spell them correctly.

So how do we help our children learn these harder to spell words?

Slowly and with plenty of visual support is the key. That and lots of practice reading and spelling words that have a final silent 'e'.

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Teaching CVCe Words - helping young children to read and spell those tricky final silent 'e' words | you clever monkey