Easy Easter Art Idea

With Easter less than a week away, I had an idea for an easy art project we could do using some old lace scraps and crayons we had at home. A simple art technique that can be used to create so many different, beautiful Easter projects.

Easy Easter Art Idea from you clever monkey

Books About Lines

Last year I shared this post about exploring lines with pre-readers to help teach everything from correct letter formation to shapes and numbers to preschoolers. I used the line rocks during intentional teaching time as well as part of invitations to play or provocations for children to explore independently. Another way I like to provide support for learners using such provocations is with picture books. Here are my favourite picture books for exploring lines.

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A collection of picture books perfect for exploring lines with young children. Visit www.youclevermonkey.com to view our complete list.

Games to improve children's short term memory

I recently went to a training session that pointed out that many of us are not using our short term memory as much as we once did and I agreed. We don't send our children down to the shop to get the few things we need for dinner anymore. We don't have to remember how to spell as most devices have auto-predict and auto-correct. We don't have to remember phone numbers, birthdays or appointments - we have apps for all that now but is it helping us? Or are we losing what we are no longer using?

We can improve the working memory of our children with some simple games.

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Improve the short term memory of children using these simple game suggestions. Visit www.youclevermonkey.com for more details

Fort Building Challenge - Sensory Fort

This February we're taking part in Building Blocks and Acorns Fort Building Challenge. For our part of the challenge we were tasked with making a sensory fort for play. Regular visitors here will know how much we love our sensory play so my biggest problem was deciding what sort of sensory experience to create for my three children to play. 

Sensory Fort - a perfect invitation to play. Our part of Building Blocks and Acorns Fort Building Challenge. Visit www.youclevermonkey.com for more information.

Classroom Ready - organising a new classroom

This term I'm very excited to have the opportunity to set up my own classroom for the first time. Usually I've borrowed someone else's classroom when I've filled in for them but this time I was greeted with pretty much a blank slate so I thought I'd give you a peek at how I've set things up to start the year.

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Classroom Ready! Tips for organising your classroom for the start of the new school year. Visit youclevermonkey.com for more

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