I admit it.  I find it hard to walk past new art materials without pausing.  It's fair to say I have a weakness for a few things - alphabet books, chocolate (post-kids), good blue pens, blocks, Schleich animals amongst them.... Last week our local newsagent had some lovely new brushes that were too hard to resist although I did manage to leave the chalk pastels and some big watercolour paper there. 

So when we got home, I set up this quick invite to keep my 4yr old busy while I unpacked the groceries and made some lunch for us both.

I bought the Art Advantage Brushstroke Paper a couple of years ago after seeing this image on Pinterest but hadn't let the kids at it all because I was going to buy some frames to put it in.  No more waiting.  I'd waited so long the original site that has posted the image is no longer. 

Admittedly, brush stroke paper is not something you'd see at Big W or Kmart but we have done the same sort of thing outside on the pavers or on the blackboard.  With our summer coming, any outside surface is perfect for this sort of play.  I also thought the paper would work as a literacy centre to practice individual letter formation during summer time. 

As you can see the first few sheets just got covered with water before she took more time with this one.