DIY Rock Craft - 3 Handmade Projects to Try

Three inspiring DIY rock craft projects to try at home from simple to make fairy garden stones and farm animal story stones to the more challenging mix and match rock people. 

Rocks are such a great resource - cheap, easy to find and so tactile especially for small hands at play. I have made some story stones before, some pirate themed ones. Today I'm sharing three different rock projects you can make easily using only a few materials over a weekend. Perfect for pretend play, your children will love these handmade toys as much as mine do and the preschoolers I work with!

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Three different handmade rock projects - perfect for play!  Find out how to make your own farm-themed story stones, mix and match people and fairy stones and why allowing our children to play with these things is important for their development | you clever monkey

Colour Play - DIY Chalk Paint

One of the easiest ways to teach young children about colour is to make some with them. This DIY chalk paint recipe is perfect for teaching children how different colours are created. I love colour. I love playing with colour, making new colours and using colour for learning. I've posted about colour exploration before and you can see those here and here. This homemade paint recipe is cheap and easy to make and lots of fun for everyone - from preschoolers through to adults!

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DIY Chalk Paint Recipe - make your own cheap paint by hand. Perfect for young children to make independently and learn how new colours are made | you clever monkey