About Me

Some days you just want someone to point you in the right direction.

Maybe you're a TEACHER sick of searching the entire internet for the ONE idea that will engage your students in class.

Maybe you're a PARENT who wants to help their child learn but isn't sure how to do that and make it fun. 
Maybe you're a STUDENT yourself beginning your own journey to become a teacher. 
Maybe you have chosen to HOMESCHOOL your child and need some guidance of how to scaffold their learning.
Maybe you want to find PRINTABLES that you can use right now with your child.

Perhaps you turned to Pinterest but the choices are endless it seems. And you find yourself with not enough hours in the day for all you have to do or a life! 

All you wanted was to provide the children in your care with the best learning experiences possible during their childhood. 

That doesn't sound SO HARD does it?

Finding ONE place that can help inspire me and have resources I can use right now? 

No, it doesn't.

Why? Because that's exactly why I started this blog! 

As a teacher I couldn't always find the resources I wanted to use in class so I started making exactly what I needed. 

And as a parent, I want to ensure that my children's day weren't just full of spelling lists and learning timetables. At the end of their day at schooI, I wanted a childhood for them full of play, real world problem solving and imagination.


I am an Early Childhood teacher and mum of three who understands how difficult it can be to find quality resources and ideas to use in your classroom or at home to help engage children in their learning.

Here's where you might want to start!


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Thank you.