How to Make Your Own Mini Magnetic Blocks

How to make (and play with) your own colourful mini magnetic wooden blocks!

Who doesn't love to play with blocks? I have strong memories as a child of building towers out of the cuisenaire rod sets in my mum's classroom waiting for her to finish after school. I've also confessed my love for magnets before too when I wrote about some task cards I'd made. You can click here to read that post, it remains one of my most read.

Now I'm creating memories for my own children by making some colourful mini magnetic blocks for play!

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How to make your own mini magnetic blocks.  A simple DIY guide along with plenty of ideas for play | you clever monkey

Is that a bird? A preschool unit of work

After the holidays, the children at the Preschool returned to find ten new hens in the yard.  The ultimate recyclers, the hens will form part of the sustainability focus during the children's year at preschool.  Of course having the hens brought a whole range of questioning and exploration from the children - What do they eat?  Where do they sleep?  Where did they come from?  Do they lay eggs?  Do they fly?  You get the idea...

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Pre-K Bird Unit of Work #youclevermonkey

8 Must Have Family Board Games

One of the most important things we do as a family is eat dinner together at the table each night.  Sometimes it might be a little rushed if we have to be somewhere beforehand or after, sometimes one of us might even be missing but most of the time, we sit together to eat.  

My own children are now five, eight and ten so it's not always a quiet or even peaceful affair.  Everyone who has kids knows what I'm talking about and some of you might even be asking why I bother.  Why not feed the kids early, put them to bed then enjoy a quiet dinner with my partner.  The simple answer is because it's important to me to spend that time together as a family.

Most Friday nights we, as a family, also try to play a game together after dinner and board games are our favourites. Here are 8 must have family board games to play with your family.

Great family board games to play together!

Perfect Picture Books For Teaching Children About Colours

To continue on from my post about exploring colours using art activities, I thought I write this week about books that might provide useful support to such exploration.

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