Digraph Sound Mazes and I Spy Games

Ready to print I spy games and sound mazes for the controlled R digraph sounds to add to your literacy centers or Daily 5 word work.

Literacy centres, or word work if you do Daily 5, are a regular part of our classroom timetable. 

Literacy centres are a fantastic learning tool to use in your classroom. They can help build independence and social skills working in small groups while allowing young children to practice concepts or skills already intentionally taught in class. Your literacy station activities should not just fill in time. 

I've been using them since I started teaching and have have found them to be very effective but that means having to constantly find suitable resources to use in our literacy circles. You can find plenty of ideas for your literacy centres here.

Recently my class has been learning the digraphs sounds and needed some practice 'hearing' these sounds in words.
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Printable Digraph Activities - Sound Mazes and I Spy Games for the controlled R digraph sounds perfect for Word Work or Literacy Centers | you clever monkey

For me, I find it easier to make the resources I want to use in our literacy centres (or literacy centers if you're not in Australia) and knowing how much my students love playing games I created some I Spy games for some of the controlled r sound digraphs - ar/er/or/ir/ur  for us to us in our literacy centre rotations along with some sound mazes for each digraph.

I created more of the sound mazes my students loved for learning the single sounds of the alphabet but for the digraphs we've been learning. 

Printable Digraph Activities - Sound Mazes and I Spy Games perfect for Word Work or Literacy Centers | you clever monkey

Last term I had created some hands-on printable activities for the ch/sh/th digraphs. Now we are focusing on the controlled R sounds - ar/er/ir/or/ur. 

I've made three different mazes for each sound - a ready to print colour maze, a black and white version of the same and a larger different black and white maze for children to colour their way through the sounds. 

I've also saved the answer sheets so children can check their own answers.

My class loves playing I Spy too so I've made some I Spy cards which include words with these focus sounds. 

Young children can simply match and cover the words they find while older students could write the words instead.

Printable Digraph Activities - Sound Mazes and I Spy Games perfect for Word Work or Literacy Centers | you clever monkey

And again I've created a easy to read answer card for children to see if they found all the words independently. 

You can try a FREE sample of our I Spy Mats to see how they work and how much fun young children have with these. You can download the /ar/ I Spy card by clicking the download button below.

You can also purchase each of our digraph sets which include -
  • ready to print I spy game for the focus digraph including answer sheet
  • small full colour sound maze 
  • black and white version of small maze
  • large black and white maze with alternative path
  • all answer sheets provided 

Each set can be purchased separately or cheaper in our bundle!


Grab a FREE copy of our /ar/ sound I Spy mat to try!



  1. I love it :)
    such details and so cute.

    1. Thanks Renee :) They've been a hit in class!

  2. oh these are gorgeous my kindy boy would love them and love the practise too!

    1. He's certainly my target audience Kate :) Learning should be fun at his age!

  3. These are wonderful. My five year old twins would LOVE these!

    1. Thanks Mother Natured :) I know my students have loved practicing their sounds this way.

  4. These are great! Much better than the printables that my daughter's school currently uses. I'll suggest them to her teacher.

  5. Would be great in speech therapy

    1. Absolutely Tiger Speech :) Developing oral language is such an important part of early literacy.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.


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