Rhyming CVC Word BINGO Game

This printable rhyming word BINGO game is a fun way to get your whole class hearing and producing rhyme. Using CVC word families, this BINGO game is the perfect addition to your literacy center rotations.

Games can be a fun way to incorporate learning. And in the Early Years when you are trying to develop phonemic awareness, finding engaging ways to practice the same concepts over and over can be tricky.

As teachers we know that being able to identify and produce rhyme is one of the components of phonemic awareness for preschoolers. Even into elementary school, young children need plenty of opportunity to hear and make words that rhyme.

Reading great rhyming books is a must for this age group as is providing plenty of hands on practice in class. Literacy centres are an easy way to do this.

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Printable Rhyming Word BINGO Game - ready to print this classroom game of Rhyming CVC Word BINGO is a fun addition to your literacy center rotations or to play as a whole class | you clever monkey


How to teach young children to tell time. Teaching ideas and printable resources to help you teach the concept of time and how to tell time in class.

Time is a tricky concept and telling time can be something many children take years to understand and do accurately. 

Teaching time to young children can be difficult as it's such an abstract concept in many ways. Hands on play, games, visual supports and lots and lots of practice can help children understand how to tell time and the concept.

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How to Teach Children to Tell Time - teaching ideas and printable resources to use when teaching time to young children. Includes  editable clock face cards perfect for use with our visual timetable cards | you clever monkey

STEAM KIDS Christmas Edition

The latest offering from STEAM KIDS doesn't disappoint! With more than 25 holiday projects to get young kids making, building and creating you must grab STEAM KIDS Christmas.

The STEAM KIDS team is inspiring our next generation of 
inventors, innovators and leaders to:

question like a scientist | design like a technologist | build like an engineer
create like an artist | deduce like a mathematician
- and, most importantly -
play like a kid.

But this time they've partnered with Rudolph and given STEAM a frosty coating of snow, North Pole antics and a lot of sparkling Christmas trees. 

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STEAM KIDS Christmas - the follow on book to the number #1 selling STEAM KIDS book which is inspiring our next generation of inventors, innovators and leaders. This Christmas ebook has over 25 days of holiday projects to try with your kids | you clever monkey