This printable BINGO game with colourful, clean images of 2D shapes and 3D objects is sure to be a hit with any class!

Working as an Early Years teacher, I know I sometimes need to find new ways to teach and re-teach then teach again some of the same concepts.

Some and the associated language take longer than others to learn.

2D Shape and 3D objects use a very specific language which can take some children longer to grasp and remember as they are not terms we use often in our every day speech.

'Can you throw me the sphere?'
'No. How about the ball?'

Our children need many more teaching moments to make those connections.

2D Shape + 3D Object Printable BINGO Game | you clever monkey
Studies show us that play is crucial in Early Childhood - children need many opportunities for hands-on play with shapes and objects to make sense of them.

Creating a print rich environment helps. Our word wall and posters are up around our class and have provided the children much needed support to help consolidate their understanding of these concepts. 

3D Shape Posters and Word Wall Cards | you clever monkey

2D Shape Posters and Word Wall Cards | you clever monkey

For me, the use of games can be a way to help engage my students. 

The benefits of playing games together is two-fold - by playing together we are able to learn from each other but we're also developing our social skills as well. Something that doesn't come naturally to every child.

My students love games. Knowing that many are still learning to recognise and name the different 2D shapes and 3D objects, I created a game to purposely teach and reinforce these concepts.

2D Shape + 3D Object BINGO Game | you clever monkey


Numbers 1-10 Say It Read It Draw It Trace It Make It Mats | you clever monkey

As with any new game, we play it as a whole class first to introduce the game then I can add it to a math centre for the children to play or as an invitation around the room for them to play as they wish. 

Sometimes I'll use games made for maths in our literacy centres too.
2D Shape + 3D Object BINGO Game | you clever monkey

2D Shape + 3D Object BINGO Game | you clever monkey

To make differentiation earlier for my early readers, I've created two sets of calling cards - one with text and visuals as support and one with text only as I want my students to be able to play this BINGO game independently at times.

The images used for the calling cards is the same as the BINGO playing mats which also helps some children build their visual discrimination skills. 


Our Shape BINGO game includes -
  • 24 different BINGO playing mats with clean, modern images of 2D+3D shapes,
  • 1 set of calling cards - text only,
  • 1 set of calling cards - with text and image as support for beginning readers.
2D Shapes includedcircle, square, rectangle, triangle, oval, trapezoid, parallelogram, trapezium, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon, nonagon, decagon, rhombus.

3D Objects included - cube, sphere, triangular prism, sphere, hemisphere, cylinder, triangular based pyramid, square based pyramid, cone, cuboid, pentagonal prism, hexagonal prism.

Play as a whole class or add to your math centres!

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Big 3D Shape Printable Bundle | you clever monkey

This set includes -
More than 120 pages to choose from!

US $12 $10


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