Create a rainbow classroom your students will love from this stunning watercolor paint classroom decor pack in every color of the rainbow!

Rainbows are a classic when it comes to choosing classroom decor in the Early Years and for good reason. There's just something about rainbows that help brighten any day and they can help make any space feel welcoming without becoming overwhelming. 

WATERCOLOR PAINT Classroom Labels + Signs Pack | you clever monkey

When creating my classroom decor this year, I paired my love of rainbows with watercolour paint and the combination is just stunning.

The watercolour paint offers a little bit of texture and messiness while the rainbows impart a friendly vibe everyone will love to learn in.

WATERCOLOR PAINT Classroom Decor Bundle | you clever monkey

WATERCOLOR PAINT Inspirational Classroom Posters | you clever monkey

I've use the same theme through my classroom, creating alphabet and number posters, alphabet runners, shape posters, days of the week, colour posters, number lines and bunting to use as area signs.

WATERCOLOR PAINT Alphabet Posters | you clever monkey

WATERCOLOR PAINT Number Posters | you clever monkey

WATERCOLOR PAINT Editable Desk Plates | you clever monkey

It's simple enough to bring pops of colour to class but isn't over stimulating.

And the best part about a rainbow classroom theme is you can easily keep adding to it yet it will always feel fresh, new and inviting.

WATERCOLOR PAINT Classroom Decor | you clever monkey

Rainbow watercolor affirmation station for class | you clever monkey

And the rainbow order can be used in other curriculum areas to help support the learning in your classroom.

Number Sorting Pack 0-10 | you clever monkey

You can use our rainbow themed classroom decor to organize your own space. 

This lettering is perfect for creating your own displays and signs for class.

WATERCOLOR PAINT Editable Lettering for Classrooms | you clever monkey

You can also use these rainbow coloured binder and book covers to keep you organized this year.

Using the same coloured book cover for a single subject can help your students to become more independent in class.

WATERCOLOR PAINT Binder + Book Cover Pack | you clever monkey

I've even created a rainbow calendar to add all our important birthdays and events to.

WATERCOLOR PAINT Simple Calendar | you clever monkey