Tips and printables for creating a cactus themed classroom you will all love to learn in!

Cactus is one of those timeless classroom decor themes and with good reason. It's muted colour palette of greens, greys, pinks and browns make it a calming influence with just enough colour not to be distracting. Perfect for busy classrooms!

CACTUS Classroom Labels + Signs Pack | you clever monkey
With some of the same children in class that I've taught before, I wanted something new this year but loved the sense of calm the tropical themed decor brought to class with all the leafy greens. My solution - a cactus classroom this year 🌵

As with our tropical classroom decor, I've created a mix of solid colour prints and lighter backgrounds to mix and match across the classroom.

I'm using these labels on everyone's desks and each one is unique to a child. I've used square version in the same print on their toolboxes which hold their small whiteboards, math kits, readers and work in progress folders. 

CACTUS Classroom Labels + Signs Pack | you clever monkey

I've added some pops of colour with our table numbers and then used some of our solid prints for our name tags on our trays.

CACTUS Classroom Labels + Signs Pack | you clever monkey

Our classroom birthday display has also been made to match. I always start the school year with this up on display. 

I think it helps makes the children feel a sense of belonging as they enter the classroom seeing their names up on different displays.

CACTUS Classroom Birthday Display | you clever monkey

I also have some of these inspirational posters up on display around the classroom to help build a positive mindset from the start.

They also help to fill up some of the blank spaces at the beginning of school that will soon be taken up with other displays as we start teaching and learning.

Easiest way I've found to display these is by grabbing some cheap clipboards. They make the perfect frame and then I can change the posters quickly and easily during the year to keep everyone's interest.

CACTUS Inspirational Classroom Posters | you clever monkey

 Our cactus word wall is ready to add too.

CACTUS Word Wall Pack | you clever monkey

I've even made our visible learning display to match our cactus theme.

CACTUS Visible Learning Pack | you clever monkey

And my teacher toolbox and folders also got a makeover during the break.

CACTUS Teacher Toolbox Pack | you clever monkey