With it's soothing color palette, boho rainbows and earthy abstract artwork, this modern neutral rainbow decor will help bring a sense of calm to your classroom this back to school season.

This BOHO RAINBOW classroom decor pack is quickly becoming one of my favourites! The neutral rainbows and earthy abstract artwork bring a modern calming colour palette to class - one I'm sure you'll all love as much as I do.

BOHO RAINBOW Classroom Labels + Signs Pack | you clever monkey

As usual, many of the items are editable so you'll easily be able to make them your own.

There's a huge variety of different shaped and sized labels and signs to choose from. Most are saved as photos so you can resize them to suit.

I've also started to make more and more ready to print designs so you have table numbers, reading group signs, clock numbers, meet the teacher and first day of school signs ready to go. Hopefully this will help save you all some time as you set up this back to school season.

BOHO RAINBOW Classroom Decor BUNDLE | you clever monkey

You'll find plenty of posters ready to print too.

BOHO RAINBOW Classroom Inspirational Posters | you clever monkey

Alphabet posters, number lines, inspirational quotes, shapes, alphabet friezes, days of the week and number posters.

BOHO RAINBOW Number Posters | you clever monkey

You'll love how your classroom looks with this BOHO RAINBOW decor. There's plenty to choose from to get your classroom looking and feeling the way you want this year.

Starting with your classroom door to your bulletin boards, lockers and classroom desks, we've got you covered so you will be able to create a unique space everyone feels welcome in.

BOHO RAINBOW Classroom Affirmation Station | you clever monkey

BOHO RAINBOW Classroom Bunting Pack | you clever monkey

BOHO RAINBOW Classroom Borders Pack | you clever monkey

You can also bring some BOHO RAINBOW style to your teacher organization with our easy to edit binder and book covers. Choose from more of the neutral modern rainbows you love and the earthy abstract designs to break things up a little.

BOHO RAINBOW Classroom Binder + Book Covers Pack | you clever monkey

We have calendars to keep you organised...

BOHO RAINBOW Classroom Calendar | you clever monkey

And you can even make your teacher toolbox match the rest of your classroom!

BOHO RAINBOW Teacher Toolbox | you clever monkey