Easy Easter Art Idea

With Easter nearly upon us, this easy paper art project uses a timeless and simple art technique that can be used to create so many different, beautiful Easter projects. It's irresistible to young children and adults alike. 

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Easy Paper Easter Art Idea - using a simple technique that can be easily recreated at home or in the classroom | you clever monkey

Books About Lines

A collection of the best picture books to read to young artists and prewriters when first exploring the different lines need for writing and drawing.

Last year I shared my secret to how to teach handwriting to preschoolers to help teach everything from correct letter formation to shapes and numbers to prewriters. I used the line rocks during intentional teaching time as well as part of invitations to play or provocations for children to explore independently. Another way I like to provide support for learners using such provocations is with picture books. Here are my favourite picture books for exploring lines.
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A collection of picture books perfect for exploring lines with young children. Visit www.youclevermonkey.com to view our complete list.

How To Help Improve Your Child's Short Term Memory

Why we need to help build children's short term memory and some simple ways how to improve their working memory.

I recently went to a training session that pointed out that many of us are not using our short term memory as much as we once did and I agreed. 

We don't send our children down to the shop to get the few things we need for dinner anymore. 

We don't have to remember how to spell as most devices have auto-predict and auto-correct.

We don't have to remember phone numbers, birthdays or appointments

We have apps for all that now but is it helping us? Or are we losing what we are no longer using?

We know that executive brain function is tied closely to being able to read and write well. So there is great importance in improving our children's short term memory. We can help build the working memory of our children with some simple games.

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How To Help Improve Children's Short Term Memory - why it's important and simple games to play in class or at home to help build working memory | you clever monkey