50+ Small Worlds to Inspire Play

Frequent visitors here will know how much we love pretend play or imaginative play. Our living room floor is often home to small world play and creating such invitations for dramatic play can be so simple and easy to achieve while others can take a bit of thought and preparation but all efforts result in engaged play where young children learn to tell stories, use their imaginations, develop characters and work with others. Here are more than 50 different creative small worlds to inspire some play at your house.

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50+ Pretend Play Spaces to Inspire Play | you clever monkey

More Maths Apps Your Children Will Love

Last year I collected up our favourite Math apps suitable for iPads but given the ever changing landscape of modern technology, it seems time to add to our must have math apps for iPad that your children should love too.

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More Kid Approved Maths Apps for iPad | you clever monkey

Big Numbers - Estimation and Numicon

At a recent maths workshop, the presenter, Ann Baker of Natural Maths, made the point that there are three concepts children in the early years need help to consolidate - subitising, numerosity and magnitude. Many of my students can count above 20. Several more can count to 100. A couple of children can count past 100 but can they actually count out 100 objects accurately? Introducing an estimation jar can be a fun way to begin looking at bigger numbers and strategies for counting accurately. With that in mind, I have introduced one to our classroom.

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Estimation + Numicon - introduce an estimation jar to the classroom to improve numerosity in the early years and use Numicon to help support early number sense | you clever monkey

Printable Desk Mats

Want to give young students a helping hand whilst encouraging them to become more independent and resourceful? These printable desk mats might be useful. Made for beginning readers and writers, these desk mats feature the entire alphabet in both lower and upper case print, the days of the week, colour words and handy sight words. I've also included the first 42 Jolly Phonics sounds and images on these table helpers which children would be familiar with if they have been taught using the Jolly Phonics program. 

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Printable Desk Mat - helpful letter, sound and numeracy prompts for young readers and writers | you clever monkey

Puffy Paint Numbers

At the start of the school year, my classroom was a blank slate waiting for the children to arrive. The only items I had up were for classroom organisation and behaviour. You can see my classroom at the beginning of the year here. Gradually as the school year has gone on, my students have added their own work to our classroom walls. We made our own alphabet wall charts as we learnt about each letter sound and we also made our own number line using home made puffy paint. It's a wonderfully sensory-rich way to teach children numerals from 0-10 in their early years at school.

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Make your own puffy paint numbers to help teach children the numerals 0-10 in their early years | you clever monkey

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