Invitation to play - straws, magnets and colours

Earlier in the year, my class enjoyed using their scissors so much we created a cutting station for them to use during our free play or activity time. And enjoy they did! But what to do with all these cut straws? Create another invitation to play of course!

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Invitation to play with straws, magnets and colours | you clever monkey

Inside Out - Teaching Children About Emotions

Last weekend, my children and I went to see the new Disney/Pixar movie Inside Out and it quickly became my most favourite family movie ever! Putting aside for a moment that Inside Out is a theme park attraction waiting to happen and that I possibly laughed at the dream sequence more than my kids, it's message is one that resonated strongly with me as a parent and teacher - that without sadness, there is no joy.

Use the Disney/Pixar movie Inside Out to help children better understand their emotions | you clever monkey

Shaving Cream Marbling

'I'm bored!' Sound all too familiar? For the past couple of weeks I have been busy writing mid-year reports for my class and my own children have been left to entertain themselves which, if I'm honest, has meant watching more TV than I'd like. With report writing mostly behind me, this weekend was an opportunity to do more of something we like - process art. This art activity is simple to do, using a few cheap materials and the results are stunning. Shaving cream or shaving foam marbling is a perfect mix of sensory play and art.
Easy to do art - shaving cream marbling | you clever monkey

DIY Alphabet Wall Charts

A couple of years ago I spotted some child made alphabet charts in the classroom of one of my favourite educators and have wanted to make my own ever since. For me, these alphabet wall charts made with images hand drawn by the students in the class were perfect. Finally, I get to make some with my own class to display in the classroom.

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Add meaning to your classroom - make your own alphabet wall charts for display or turn the hand-drawn artwork into an alphabet book to share. Visit

2D Shape Pattern Block Challenge Cards

Last month I shared a lesson from my classroom which focused on 2D shapes. You can read that post by clicking here. I love using blocks in class and these wooden pattern blocks (you can also find them on Amazon - affiliate links) have been a firm favourite since I was a child playing in my own mother's classroom. I think many of you would agree - pattern blocks are irresistible but I wanted to extend the type of play I was seeing while creating an opportunity for children to read independently and problem solve too. With that in mind, I created these printable 2D shape challenge cards to go with our pattern blocks.

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Free Printable 2D Shape Challenge Cards - perfect for use with wooden pattern blocks. Visit for more

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