17 December 2014

Puffy Paint Gingerbread

In the lead up to Christmas, I took an old favourite and added some Christmas cheer to it. At home I normally make gingerbread houses or people with my own children but that's just not feasible with nearly 60 children over two sessions at preschool so I used the spices typically used in gingerbread to make some puffy paint with instead.  

Puffy Paint Gingerbread - mix up your own puffy paint and add some Christmas spice to fill the senses.  For more visit www.youclevermonkey.com

16 December 2014

Easy Christmas Sensory Play

Christmas is nearly here! And it's the end of the school year here in Australia so I combined a little of Christmas cheer with some coloured rice to invite play in one of our sensory bins at preschool.

Easy Christmas Sensory Bin - how to make and play by you clever monkey

14 December 2014

A is for alphabet books

I have already confessed my love of alphabet books. It's a weakness but as there are so many great alphabet books to choose from I thought it was time I shared a few favourites.

A is for alphabet books - 10 of the best alphabet books as reviewed by you clever monkey

26 November 2014

Easel printmaking

Today was windy, really windy which was making it hard to paint outside on our easels that reside on the lawn area during every preschool session. The paper was refusing to sit still enough to paint on so today I invited the children to paint onto the easels instead.

Easel printmaking: taking something ordinary and making it engaging! A simple invitation to paint on an easel and save your work by taking a print.

21 November 2014

Geography and Science Apps for iPads

Last term I was lucky enough to get a contract at a primary school based in the library teaching every grade from Reception (first year at school here in SA) to Year 7.  I also had access to a class-sized pod of iPads.  Imagine my delight too then after working as a travel agent for nearly ten years (in one of my former lives before teaching), I was also asked to teach Geography to some of the older students!

I've already written about Math Apps Your Kids will love, today I thought I'd share some of our favourite Geography and Science apps. These are all apps my own children have used and loved or they're ones I've used in class. 
Kid Approved Geography and Science apps for young and older children

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