Ready to print Say It, Read It, Make It, Write It word mats to practice our reading, spelling and writing of CVC words.

In the schools, teachers are always collecting and analysing data to better inform our planning and teaching.

This past week, the running records we complete regularly for reading revealed many students in my class are guessing at words when reading rather than reading through the word.

Having such information is always helpful when looking at what to focus on in our literacy centres

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CVC Say It, Read It, Make It, Write It Word Mats | you clever monkey
Knowing many children are just looking at the initial part of words before reading them, I've created two new resources for our literacy centre rotations.

We've been focusing on CVC words - those simple three letter words that follow the same pattern - Consonant-Vowel-Consonant. 

Of course before learning to spell, a child must have good phonemic awareness. Starting with simple word patterns allows them build in confidence as they begin to recognise spelling patterns but this all takes plenty of practice for most children which means finding different ways to allow them to master this without becoming bored or worse frustrated from their lack of success.

We've worked with CVC puzzles and CVC picture cards together with our salt and kinetic sand trays. 

We've used our CVC word frame cards with our magnetic letters and wix stix

But I hadn't provided my students with many opportunities to read the words so I created these CVC 'I Can Read' Word cards to add to our literacy centres.

I Can Read CVC Word Cards | you clever monkey

They're simple to use. And paired with either some counters or clothes pegs, the children will have to read the three words before deciding which is the match to the picture.

To encourage the children to read through the word to the end, I've include some cards where 2 out of the 3 letters are the same. I'm also targeting directionality for both whole words net/ten and letters like bog/dog.

The real life photos are clean and provide the perfect prompt for such an activity.

These peg clip cards also encourage children to read the CVC word to be able to match it to the correct picture. You can find these cards here.

CVC Word Clip Cards | you clever monkey

Our Say It, Make It, Write It mats have always been so useful in class so I decided to pair the format with the CVC 'I Can Read' cards to create a CVC word version.

CVC Say It, Read It, Make It, Write It Word Mats | you clever monkey

Once again, the children have to say the word first then read it before making the word and trying to write it.

We used our magnetic letters to make the word and some glass gems to mark the correct word but you could just as easily use some play dough and a dry erase marker to circle the right word.

We love using these Jolly Phonics magnetic letters.

Laminate the word mats and add some whiteboard markers and you're set!

CVC Say It, Read It, Make It, Write It Word Mats | you clever monkey


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