Ready to print, these alphabet mats are ideal for preschoolers or primary aged children learning their beginning letter sounds.

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Literacy centres or literacy centers (if you live in other parts of the world) used in the Early Years are a fun, often hands-on way to engage young children in practicing early literacy concepts in a smaller group setting.

Depending on the needs of my class, I'm always creating new resources to use in our literacy centres to target particular skills every school year.

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Beginning Letter Sounds Alphabet Mats | you clever monkey
This year many of my students had learnt their beginning sounds during their first year at school but lots still needed more opportunities to practice differentiating between initial letter sounds in words.

We had already paired these initial sounds cards with some magnetic letters in one literacy centre and used these picture cards from The Measured Mom in another centre. 

We'd matched up our FREE Initial Sounds Cards using just the picture cards and lower case letters to start with before trying to match both picture, lower and upper case letter.

But some children were ready for a bigger challenge so I created these initial sounds alphabet mats. They're a perfect way for young children to practice differentiating between beginning letter sounds.

Beginning Letter Sounds Alphabet Mats | you clever monkey

Simple to use. Just print and add some counters for your students to mark all the correct words that start with the letter featured in the middle of the mat. Then use the included answer cards to double check your answer - making this activity perfect for use in literacy centre rotations!

These letter mats also help provide good visual support for children learning about the frequency of letters used in English words. 
Whilst all the letters of the alphabet are includes, children can see that more words begin with the letter T than the letter X.

Beginning Letter Sounds Alphabet Mats | you clever monkey

There were also many children who were not confident recognising upper case letters so while I had created some printable cards to target that, having the upper and lower case letter on each mat exposes the children again to this.
Each mat has a upper case and lower case letter displayed in the middle of the mat 
in large clear print and there is a individual mat for every letter of the alphabet.

Read what others are saying about these alphabet mats -

I love these - you make amazing resources! My students love these and find them very engaging during rotations. Aimee

The bright pictures had the attention of the children immediately! Fun and a great reinforcement for letter/beginning sound practice. Carolyn


This has been such a big help for our students that are still trying to learn their beginning sounds as well as their letters!! AMAZING!! Olinka

For practice at home, I also created a online version for my children to use as well.

Beginning Letter Sounds Alphabet Mats BUNDLE | you clever monkey


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