Plenty of printable activities to add to literacy rotations to help 
teach CVCe words - those tricky to spell words with a final silent 'e'.

Many young children will fly along with their spelling until they reach those tricky long vowel sound word - the ones with a final silent 'e' then they can stumble.

Often they will be able to read them before they can spell them correctly.

So how do we help our children learn these harder to spell words?

Slowly and with plenty of visual support is the key. That and lots of practice reading and spelling words that have a final silent 'e'.

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Teaching CVCe Words - helping young children to read and spell those tricky final silent 'e' words | you clever monkey

Introducing them as part of word families can be a good place to start but once they are confident with their sound knowledge, many children just need to practice reading CVCe words so they can spot the final silent 'e' when trying to decode words.

Designed with beginning readers and spellers in mind, I been creating plenty of different printable resources with these consonant-vowel-consonant-final silent 'e' (CVCe) words provide ideal support for young children in my class beginning to spell.

These are ready to add to my literacy centres to allow children to independently practice what they have learnt in our intentional spelling lessons.

One of the first resources I use to transition children from short to long vowels sounds are these CVC to CVCe Word Cards.

CVC to CVCe Word Cards | you clever monkey

Their visual nature makes them perfect for introducing the concept to beginning readers and writers. 

And they're designed for hands on use so children can explored these independently to see how words change by adding the e to the end of the word.

I usually use these CVCe Word Mats in our literacy rotations around the same time to help reinforce the concept.

CVCe Word Mats | you clever monkey

To start with, I use some of our CVCe Word Mats along with some magnetic letters and whiteboard markers to practice spelling the words as well.

These make differentiation easy as some children will just build the word while others will attempt to write it as well.

CVCe Word Mats | you clever monkey

My class love puzzles so I have also created some 4-part CVCe puzzle cards for them to try and piece back together. 

These ones pictured have text as support but I've also got some blank ones ready to move on to as well for my students to write the word independently.

CVCe Word Mats + Puzzle Cards | you clever monkey

My class love their games so I've also created a BINGO game with final silent 'e' words

Usually I introduce these to the whole class first before adding them to our literacy centres so they have all been exposed to the game before having to play it just with their peers.

CVCe Final Silent 'e' BINGO Game | you clever monkey

Perfect for improving listening skills, this 'I have... Who has?' CVCe game has also helped some students read CVCe words correctly.

We play it as a whole class when we have 5-10 minutes to fill in. 

Teaching CVCe Words - helping young children to read and spell those tricky final silent 'e' words | you clever monkey



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