These printable wall posters with full colour, real life photos offer ideal support for children starting to learn the 32 different digraphs.

As an Early Years teacher, I know how valuable visual supports can be in a classroom. 

We use visual timetables to help establish independence in young children and helps some individuals better prepare and cope with transitions. 

We immerse our students in print rich environments to help our children's developing understanding of letters and other symbols as a means of communication with others.

As a classroom teacher, I also know that some concepts are much harder for our children to grasp than others.

Learning digraphs - when two letters work together to make one sound, is a difficult jump for young children to make when learning to read and write.

To support the children in my class, I've created these digraph posters to help them learn some of the digraphs.

Printable Digraph Wall Posters - 32 full colour posters using real life photos to help learn all the digraphs | you clever monkey


To introduce the digraph, we might do an whole class activity like this picture-word sort. We talk firstly about the sound the digraph makes as some have more than one sound. 

For example, the /ch/ digraph can make three different sounds - /ch/ like in cheese and lunch /k/ like in school and /sh/ like in chef.

To do this activity, my students randomly chose a picture card from the pile which had a mix of words with our focus phonogram along with some others with the /ar/ and /sh/ digraphs instead. They then had to decide after saying the word out loud, if the word had the /ch/ sound.

We used our digraph poster printed to A4 to help support our word sort and you can see how successful they were at this task.

Printable Digraph Wall Posters - 25 full colour posters using real life photos to help learn all the digraphs | you clever monkey


What are digraphs and how to teach them | you clever monkey

In our literacy centres, we have been including activities that helps reinforce the sound like our digraph clothes peg clip cards or our sound mazes and I spy cards.

All of these allow the children hands-on practice doing the word work in class.

Our digraph wall posters have been designed to fit A4 paper but can easily be printed to A3 to create larger versions. 

After introducing the sound, I've added each digraph poster to our wall display to help create the support many students need.

Printable Digraph Wall Posters - 32 full colour posters using real life photos to help learn all the digraphs | you clever monkey

This set includes:
  • 32 A4 size pages of different digraph posters
  • includes- ch/sh/th/ai/ay/oi/oy/ee/ea/ey/ou/ow/aw/ph/wh/ck/ng/ar/or/er/ir/ur/ew/ie/oo/ue/ui/oa/a_e/i_e/o_e/u_e

Ideal for classroom display and 
Daily 5 Word Word in the Early Years.

US $5



This set includes:
  • 52 pages of A4 full sized alphabet posters
  • 2 different sets - one set image only with upper and lower case letter, second set has labels next to every image.
Display in class or reduce the print size and use them as flashcards.

US $2


Each set of cards features multiple real life photos of the featured digraphs.

This set includes:
  • more than 30 A4 size pages of 3 part cards for digraphs /ch/, /sh/, /th/ and /wh/ 
  • includes picture only cards, picture and text cards, text only cards to match picture cards to.
Offers perfect visual support for learning digraphs.

US $2


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Printable Digraph Wall Posters - 25 full colour posters using real life photos to help learn all the digraphs | you clever monkey

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